Are you interested in a career in IT, but are unable to get your foot in the door due to a lack of prior experience? If so, our Paid Technology Internship Program is just for you.  There 6 major benefits of this program:

1) We provide you with free home lab equipment.This way you can learn and experiment on your own time without fear of breaking things in a production environment. We will be available to assist you and guide you as you learn.

2) We provide a monthly credit for cloud resources in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. This way you can begin to learn about the cloud and future-proof your IT knowledge.

3) No "red tape." We are the opposite of large, corporate "red tape" environments. You'll get real world, hands on experience - not just forced to sit in a cubicle and follow checklists all day.

4) You'll get experience in a variety of different industries and businesses.  With this, you'll see all the different ways for accomplishing business goals and work with lots of different people.  No two days will be the same!

5) This can be your launch pad.  Once you have 2-3 years of well rounded, hands on experience, paired with industry certifications, you'll be in a much better position to move onto the next gig. Alternatively, you might enjoy working here so much that you want this to be your forever home.  Either way, it's a win-win and we are happy to help you succeed.

6) This one is a secret.  Watch the video to find out!

To apply please click here!



To apply please click here!