Netflix Scam

Andrew McIntosh
June 8, 2020

Watch this video to see what a Netflix phishing email and impostor site look like.

Everybody loves Netflix and nobody wants to lose it unexpectedly.  At least, that's what scammers are hoping for.  In this episode of our Security Awareness video series, we will show you exactly how scammers try to lure you into giving away your personal information.  Here is the breakdown:



First - they send a phishing email that appears to come from Netflix and is threatening to close your account due to a billing issue.  It invites you to "Update Your Account" with a link to a FAKE, impostor website that mimics Netflix.

Second - the fake website looks IDENTICAL to the real thing.  The only giveaway that indicates you are on a fake site is the URL at the top.  In the video you will notice that the URL does NOT include www.netflix.com

Third - by asking you for your Netflix username and password, you are immediately giving that information to a hacker somewhere else in the world

Then - the scammers proceed to ask you for more information that is MUCH more sensitive than just your Netflix username and password.  It asks for items such as:

- Full Name
- Street Address
- Phone Number 
- Date of Birth
- Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code

Lastly - after you have given away all this personal information, the FAKE website tells you "You're All Set!" and then REDIRECTS you to the REAL website (the URL at the top now changes to netflix.com).  

By doing this, you can now log into the real website and get the sensation everything is okay and your account will no longer be terminated.  But the damage is already done!  The clever scammers have managed grab your credit card info among other personally identifiable information and you are none the wiser!

We hope you've enjoyed this video and learned some useful tips that will help you avoid getting scammed!  Be sure to check back as we will continue posting useful content as we come across these scams at skyetechnologies.com/education




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