Introduction to Phishing

Andrew McIntosh
June 8, 2020

What is Phishing and why should you care? Watch our quick explainer video to learn more.

In an effort to help our community, we've decided to put together a series of videos on Phishing. 

intro-to-phishing-andrew (1)

What is Phishing, and why should you care?

Phishing is when a "bad guy" (a hacker, scammer or thief) sends you an email that appears to come from a reputable company, but in fact is designed to trick you into visiting an impostor website that steals your personal information (things like passwords, credit card numbers and more).

You should care for two reasons:

First - if they DO manage to steal your personal information, you could have money stolen from your bank accounts, your identity stolen, your credit damaged and much more.

Second - the bad guys are getting better every day at making these fake emails and impostor websites even more convincing

All it takes is a brief education on this subject and you'll be trained to avoid falling into this trap. So in this series we will show you real life examples of these scams and how you can spot them.  This and other useful videos can all be found on our website at skyetechnologies.com/education


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